Families First. And Second!

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Thursday, October 24, 2019

5-7 p.m.

Sammy’s Pizza

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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

5-7 p.m.

Home of Steve Preston

4912 Kingston St.



Literature Drops: Every Saturday, starting tomorrow (10/19), 10am.  Stop by for a cup of coffee and a donut, grab some lit and a map and be on your way! 4760 London Rd. Or, contact me for lit and maps and go on your own schedule (electbeckyhall@gmail.com)


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Meet Becky Hall

Becky's Experience

Becky and husband, Pat, have lived in Duluth’s First District since 2002. They have five kids, ages 17-26. 

She’s a former economic development representative for the MN Department of Trade and Economic Development and a graduate of Leadership Duluth. Becky served on the boards of the Duluth Figure Skating Club, YMCA Camp Du Nord and the Lake Superior Medical Society Alliance. She was president of the Naval Officers’ Spouses’ Club of Okinawa when Pat was stationed there. She was also a member of the former London Road Transportation Advisory Committee.


Why Becky hall for
1st District City Council?

Families First.
And Second! 

I’m running for City Council to make Duluth the safest, most affordable, and opportunity-filled place to raise a family. 

Like most parents, we hope our kids can find good jobs here. That starts with focusing on safer neighborhoods, solid infrastructure, and lower taxes, rather than on supporting efforts half a world away. 

We need to get back to basics and have Duluth government focus on Duluth and its families. 
If you agree, I’d appreciate your vote on 
November 5th.   Thank you!


my platform

Public Safety

Duluth is becoming more dangerous, despite the great work of our police department. Major drug busts and arrests are examples of how sophisticated the PD’s approach is to protecting us.  But they can’t be everywhere. There are still increases in break-ins, car prowls, even home intruders right in our first district!


There is only so much we can do to help keep our neighborhoods safe - looking out for each other's kids, neighborhood watch, and apps like Next Door, are helpful, but not a solution. 


Our concern for one another needs to be complemented by electing leaders who will stand firmly behind our police officers, who stand firmly in front of us, to protect us.

I will always support giving the PD the resources and equipment needed to uphold the law and protect them in their duties.

Job Creation

My kids are all grown up, and 4 of the 5 don’t even live in Duluth anymore, which saddens me.  They would love to return one day to raise their own families, but that requires the opportunity for them to be able to do so.  Opportunity for a good-paying job.


Duluth can enhance opportunities for everyone’s family if only our leadership in city government would allow it.  City government doesn’t create good-paying jobs themselves, but government can definitely create an environment for job creation – easier permitting, lower business taxes; less interference.  We should help business succeed, not put up roadblocks.


Every good, new job means another family has a chance to do a little better and put away a few more dollars.

Excessive Taxes

Our reputation for high taxes isn't one we should seek to keep.  We can make Duluth a more tax-friendly city. It starts with stopping new taxes, then reducing and eliminating some of the excessive taxes residents are currently paying. 

Putting families first means putting the family budget first.  The less the city requires residents to pay the more they can use to benefit their family, local businesses, community events, and so on. 


We all want Duluth to be an affordable, safe and opportunity-filled community. As your city councilor, I’ll focus on those things. I’ll focus on what’s best for family budgets. What’s more important than these things?



We'd appreciate your support!


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